Raising the bar in Healthcare I.T. Support.

Providing medical professionals instant access to qualified technicians to solve the majority of IT issues typically encountered during off hours.   Proactively provide active systems monitoring and maintenance to prevent many common issues.

ONCC– Overnight Call Center-Live Healthcare IT support that answers the phone and works on your issue on the first call, with over 90% problem resolution.

ASMM– Active Systems Monitoring &Maintenance-Proactive monitoring of Hospital systems to avoid problems with clinical work flow.  This includes applications, interfaces, key SAN areas, VM environment and backups/IDR’s.

DR_T_Val– Disaster Recovery Test and Validation service.  Testing and Validating your DR plan is mandatory.  Just like everything else, when do you find the time?  We have decades of experience in successful DR testing, documentation, and Security Audit Reporting.  Partnering with us to perform your testing will guarantee that it is added to your “Done List” and improve your B.C/D.R. Risk Assessment Maturity Scores.

AMCC– Affordable Mobile Command Center-Guaranteed SLA’s to deliver robust mobile offices that provide appropriate on-site work space after a disaster and improve B.C/D.R. Risk Assessment Maturity Scores.

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Knowledge in healthcare applications, quality measures, interoperability, CPOE, clinician communication tools, Meaningful Use, as well as desktop & network infrastructure.

We partner with your organization’s existing support structure and vendors to maximize utilization of your technology solutions.

Feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion on how our expertise and unbeatable pricing structure, can help your organization meet today’s healthcare demands.


Partner with EVTF.org to ensure your clinicians have immediate access to your EMR during your I.T. Department’s non-business hours.

No organization on the North American continent can provide highly skilled IT resources during the off hours at a rate that even comes close to ours.  EVTF is in the business of actually helping Healthcare organizations.

Healthcare faces enough risks, partnering with a support vendor should not be one of them.  Our solid guarantee: If we do not provide real value with the services we provide to your organization, then you receive a $0 invoice that month.  It’s that simple.

The healthcare organizations that use our services already know they could not provide our level of service spending 2 to 4 times as much in-house.  We are not your typical Healthcare IT Support Solutions vendor.
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  1. To date, EVTF does not invoice for every service it provides. We pride ourselves on helping others first and later worrying about payment for any of the services/support we have provided over thousands of hours and even more miles. However, through fiscally responsible management, investments in our own infrastructure, and good old-fashioned American work ethic, we are able to provide these helpful services to countless healthcare organizations across the U.S. and believe that in doing so, we are opening new doors and opportunities.

  2. EVTF launches it’s 2015 U.S. tour with the AMCC (Affordable Mobile Command Center). We had to draw straws this year to see who could go and who needed to keep the lights on back at the call center.

    We’re about 2 hrs. into the first leg of this year’s tour and well on our way to visit hospitals in the New England region.

    If you happen to see us out on the road, give us a wave, or catch us as we set up the AMCC for demonstrations, discussions, and snacks to delight even the fussiest of people. Or just drop in for a cup-o-joe or tea and tell us what your hospital is dealing with these days. Misery loves company. ;-}

    • The cost of doing business- We make sure that it is only those costs directly associated with your support volume & complexity and none of the overhead or neon signs that you might never see.

      When the cost of doing business with your IT support vendor means they pass non-value-added costs on to you, it might be time to consider other business partners. We work with industry leaders who understand that none of us want to pay for someone else’s vacation retreat or “top-floor” deluxe, all glass, office space. If a vendor will not disclose their complete cost model to their customers, then they’re hiding something that does not add value and then charging you for it.

      If they can prove to me that each cost will actually improve their services, then I’d understand that cost of doing business. Don’t ask us to make up for the losses they experience in other business dealings – again, that does not add value to our clients. Charge us for what we use; but not for your unchecked overhead and dormant staff who are collecting salaries even when not delivering direct service.

      We embody LEAN principles and absolutely must collaborate with others who do the same. Failing to do so means creating non-value-added costs and passing them on to the end customer. That end customer in healthcare is ultimately you and I as well as our families.

      Here is a simple example (leaving some details out to keep it simple). These are avg. costs per item and per episode.

      Patient presents to ER with a complaint of excruciating arm pain. A common occurrence; but we cannot assume anything, so we go through the steps to identify the severity of the condition, any factors involved, assessments, testing, interpretation of results, and a plan of care.

      Now for our line item costs(using roundy-numbers):

      Hospital pays twenty-five cents to their supplier for a dose of Tylenol: $ 0.25
      How did that Tylenol get there? (Purchasing, Receiving/Stocking, Transport, Inventory,
      storage space..$$)

      Can’t order meds without triage/assessment so staff performs them: $90
      How do they perform these? (With medical instruments, consumable & reusable supplies,
      EMR, … Ancillary services, and staff time)

      Lets not forget the actual cost to build and maintain that ER, the room $500
      we treat patients in, the waiting room, the lights, heat/AC, housekeeping, technology/
      equipment, EVERYTHING that is on stand-by just in case, etc.

      Who ordered it after the assessment? Yeah, lets not forget we must have $200
      a Doctor on staff in our ER. Doctors utilize EMRs, instruments, transcription,
      consults, computers, phones, desks, subscription services, and of course – still
      working to pay off that enormous college loan that costs more than most mortgages.

      CDC/Infection Control mandates that we maintain a sterile environment $125
      to treat patients and prevent the spread of infectious”organisms” on our
      equipment, our staff, and EVERYTHING within our entire facility. Oh yes, we
      are now required to also engage our patient’s home environment for the reduction
      of risk factors.

      Of course, we don’t just throw a couple of Tylenol at you and tell you to beat- $75
      feet out the door. We provide thorough documentation of the entire visit, tests,
      outcomes, prescriptions, home-medication reconciliation, post-visit care, follow-
      ups, provide educational materials and one-on-one specialized counseling from a
      licensed provider. We will also burn CDs or provide printed materials along with
      information regarding accessing your personal medical record on the local Health
      Information Exchange website, that we also have to fund. Of course, we are also required
      by our government to ask you dozens of personal questions that you might find peculiar or
      unrelated. After all, we are mandated or face fines and/or loss of license.

      If our treatment rooms were already full when you arrived and we $10
      determined that your condition was not life threatening, you may have waited a
      while. If that happened to run a few hours and during a normal meal time, we offer
      a meal to help prevent other issues from surfacing – an angry – starving mob forming
      in the waiting room. OK, a little bit of humor there. This is the cost of ordering,
      preparing, delivering, clean up, and all ingredients/supplies). $10 is a steal.

      Here is the zinger that seems to get most folks all tanked up – did we need $400
      to perform Radiology or Lab work? This can really add to the cost; but is often
      necessary to accurately diagnose. Most people have no idea how much it costs to
      not only lease/buy that Rad/Lab equipment; but the process of just getting the
      authorization from local government to pursue the purchase of one is very expensive.
      Not to mention the modifications to the facilities to place the equipment, the highly
      trained staff to run it, maintain it, provide the test, collect the specimens, interpret
      the results, report on it, and of course the constant cost of replacing all of the consumable
      supplies used in these tests. It seems that no one out there is giving away any of this, so
      we pay for it.

      OK, trying to wrap this up here and wont bother with all of the ancillary $55
      support required to provide all of this to those directly involved in the care of our
      customers (the patients). Things like Coding, Billing, Registration, IT, Public Safety,
      Care Management, Central Sterile, Pharmacy, Engineering/Facilities, Volunteer Services,
      Quality, Medical Records, AP, HR, Transcription, Legal, Admin, Patient Advocates, Social
      Services, etc….etc…..etc…… A good deal of what we are forced to implement and
      maintain within Healthcare does not actually improve patient care; but we have no choice
      and must abide by the laws that govern this industry. These do little more than provide
      government agencies with additional information that is often used to deny payment for
      services, reduce reimbursement rates, dispute medical necessity, and in general help those
      issuing insurance make even more profit. I don’t think profit is evil; but profit above
      all else is inexcusable. Especially when it comes to your personal health.

      This is not an actual bill; but a simple representation of what it takes to deliver a very
      mild level of care to someone who presents in the ED with non-specific arm pain. The same
      visit that should have been conducted in a prompt care setting or with their primary care
      provider. Nope, these cases present in our EDs every day and compete for the same resources
      that were intended to provide EMERGENT- LIFE- SAVING care.

      So, our total cost for this visit is in the neighborhood of $1,450.25

      That is our cost within the facility. This is not the amount on the claim that is sent to your
      insurance plan. That depends on the negotiated rates that they have agreed to pay, when they
      feel the service was necessary. That is another whole ball of wax called medical necessity.

      You may present in our ED due to what you believe is life threatening or unbearable and we in
      turn will assess and treat to make sure you are OK before you leave. The dis-connect is that
      those who deny payment for these services because they determined after the fact, that caring
      for you was not medically necessary, are working closely with those who mandate that we assess
      each patient who presents to our ER. Closely associated with those who also impose monetary
      penalties on us if we fail to deliver what the patient or those in power deem to be appropriate
      or sufficient. You could say that we really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      How do you improve or even grow to support additional services needed in your community? You
      need to actually make a dollar on the services you currently provide. Even if you only make
      fifty cents on these services, that would be good. There’s the rub.

      If you are unable to collect all co-pays, writing off bad-debts, receiving denials for payment
      on claims submitted to insurance plans, getting hit with increased costs from your suppliers,
      experiencing increased labor costs, adding technology to meet government mandates, and getting
      anywhere from 40-70% reimbursement from government insurance programs, then you are about average.

      So, where was I going with this? Right here……We are healthcare IT. We completely get it.
      We’ve been involved in every aspect of care and feeding that is necessary to provide our clinicians
      with the absolute best in services. Every department within most healthcare facilities has one or
      more forms of electronic method used in delivering their services. If you’re like most of us, you
      could use a little help in caring for some of it. You’re not likely to have an enormous budget to
      do so and you shouldn’t have to. You should only have to pay for the service you are receiving and
      you should receive nothing short of stellar service from your partners.

      We can help you reduce clinical systems support issues, increase systems performance, increase end-user
      satisfaction, and even play a role in improving patient outcomes through a reduction in systems hiccups.
      Just keeping it simple here and not throwing IT-heavy lingo around. On average, our cost to deliver IT
      service of equal or better quality is less than 25% of your cost to do so. Which by the way is about 10%
      of the cost of today’s large and top-heavy support shops.

      If you think this sounds too good to be true, don’t close the door on opportunities that could positively
      change the way you deliver and receive service. Instead, take the safe approach and tip-toe in. You can
      always pull your foot back out and return to the old way of doing things. Good luck with that, there are
      a lot of people out there who will continue to do things that way, simply because that is the way they’ve
      always done it. Not very forward thinking or creative.

      For everyone else, I think you’d agree that it is worth the 10 minutes to speak with us and share some ideas.
      I guarantee you three things that will come of that conversation:

      1- You’ll learn about a few affordable options you have to address your common and biggest headaches.

      2- You will have an opportunity utilize one of our EMR solution’s 60 day trials with no obligation except
      honest feedback.

      3- You will meet someone who shares your passion for serving the needs of our communities, organizations, and
      the patients we serve.

      If nothing else, reach out to some of our reference sites to hear first hand from them. We’ll be here when you’re ready to discuss options or just learn about what we’re doing next.

  3. EVTF – AMCC now traveling eastern NY and PA on the 2nd leg of our 2015 U.S. tour. Hope to see you out there.

    Healthcare IT Support, EMR – Systems monitoring, maintenance, trouble-shooting, LIVE 24X7 helpdesk – not just a call center; but an actual call resolution center.

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