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  • ONCC: Over-night Call Center
    With the advent of Advanced Clinical Applications, its more important than ever to have knowledgeable support staff awake during the off hours to handle any issues that prevent your clinicians from delivering optimal patient care through meaningful use of your technologies. Why wait for your on-call staff to wake up and return a frustrated clinician’s call after 30-90 minutes? We answer and help when they call the first time.
  • ASMM: Active System Monitoring and Maintenance
    Skilled eyes & ears monitoring your data center’s key resources with the ability to react and correct most deficiencies before your clinicians realize there was ever a problem. Reporting and escalation to engage your vendors and staff if necessary. Stop walking in each day to failed disks, backups, or services. Backlogged interfaces and report queues will be a thing of the past. Performance monitoring and resolution while you sleep.
  • DR_T_Val: Disaster Recovery Test & Validation services:
    We provide robust testing outlines, restored systems functionality validation, audit trails, reporting, and security assessment documents.  Whether you lack the staffing or just want this service done by experienced SMEs, we have the expertise to check this off your “to-do” list.  You can focus on more challenging projects while we take care of this time consuming; but important task for you.  Many others are glad they did.  See reference list for feedback.
  • AMCC: Affordable Mobile Command Center
    Fully outfitted on site, emergency office space. Complete with three workstations, VOIP, laptops, laser printer, self-powered, full facilities, includes satellite internet & WiFi. See brochure for details and unmatched pricing structure.  AMCC
  • CBBR: Cloud Based Backup and Recovery solution
    Ideal for operations that are too small to justify the enterprise solutions used in the bigger shops. If you just don’t have the resources to acquire and manage a reliable data backup solution, we have affordable options that range in size from 1GB to 4TB per organization.
  • HITPA: Health-care I.T. Project Assessment
    When Documentation, Organization, Communication, Requirements, Milestones, Risks, Resource Management, and Schedules are needed to manage an initiative, call on us for Excellence in Project Management through our experienced team and Masters Certified Project Management over-site.
  • PCONS: Professional Consultative Services
    When the odds are against you and everyone is looking for someone else to step up and provide options, solutions, direction, and leadership, we’ve been in the business for over 40 years. Adversity and challenges are what we live for.



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Disaster Recovery Test and Validation

Disaster Recovery Testing and Validation

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