Contingency Planning (800-34)


Contingency Planning / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery  (800-34).  Evergreen Valley Technical Facility helps Healthcare organizations meet and exceed HIPAA contingency requirements centered around Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR).

Our Active Systems Monitoring & Maintenance (ASMM) service combined with the Affordable Mobile Command Center (AMCC) provides the design, workflow, policies & procedures, documentation, evidence, validation, and the audit trails needed during your attestation and other inspections.

There are several levels of BC/DR to consider and most have already tackled the oldest and easiest to implement – tape backups.  If you aren’t backing up to a remote tape library then you are replicating or backing up to disk.  If you are doing neither, please just go into your data center and power everything down because if you aren’t at least backing it up, then you obviously do not need those systems or data to begin with.
With the advent of Virtual environments, faster SANs, and improved Backup solutions, many of us were able to take the next step in BC/DR, which was to perform IDR (Integrated Disaster Recovery).  Based on speed and capacity, many of us perform these IDR copies anywhere from every “1” to every “12” hours, with remote backups every 24 or less.
The next area that helps organizations bring their BC/DR readiness score up  is to have a Disaster Recovery vendor solution in place..(this is where we’d plug solutions like J-Site, Tri-Delta, Castle Systems, Sungard, INHS, and others.  However, we do not have authorization from these vendors, so this is merely a short list for reference only.
What EVTF offers
We monitor and manage your backups and when they fail (it happens), we have the expertise to trouble-shoot and restart your backups during their normal cycle.  If a particular job fails often enough, we’ve been trending and accumulating enough data on it to help pin-point and resolve the root-cause.  I can’t tell you how many CIO’s told me that their backups are in their top-10 list of critical jobs they cannot afford to have failing.
In addition to ensuring you have reliable backups, EVTF offers a service called AMCC – Affordable Mobile Command Center.  Adding this to your arsenal of tools to deal with BC/DR, will help bring your readiness assessment score even higher.  With the AMCC contract, you have the ability to run annual validation tests against your restored backups at the remote site, from a fully equipped IT Mobile Command Center.  It is delivered and set up with three  functioning work-stations (Dell/HP Laptops), a Laser Printer, an I.P. phone, and configured with a Wi-fi hot-spot and self-contained electrical power.
The AMCC comes complete with a full bathroom, kitchen, A.C. / heat, as well as additional seating and creature comforts to make working in this environment feel more like home than a disaster bunker.  It’s everything you need (including the kitchen sink) to centrally house your team while connecting and recovering from any number of unpleasant events.
Unlike the “Big Boys”, EVTF isn’t in this to make investors wealthy, we’re in this to make a difference by providing affordable solutions to some of the more common headaches in healthcare IT today.  We’ve taken the “ouch” out of the pain-points that we can treat by offering our solutions at industry leading prices.
We’re traveling the U.S. during our 2015 tour to visit healthcare organizations in many of the under-served regions of this great country.  We’d love the opportunity to include your facility in our travels and have you step into one of our AMCC units to see for yourself, that quality and functionality are within reach.
Contact us today to see when we’ll be in your region or just to learn more about the Affordable Mobile Command Center by EVTF.