Mission Statement:

To provide affordable I.T. support to healthcare clinicians seeking immediate, knowledgeable, real-time assistance with their technology needs.


To become the preferred partner of healthcare organizations across the U.S. in helping to improve patient outcomes and their organization’s bottom line.


Never forget that we exist because of our customers. Just as they owe it to their patients to provide the highest level of care possible, we must demonstrate the integrity, dedication, and expertise that is expected in a trusted partner. Our customers deserve nothing less than 100% with every encounter and we back that up with an SLA that is unmatched in the healthcare I.T. support market.

EVTF will exceed customer expectations by consistently providing the best value and support in the industry. Understanding the clinicians technical needs and the importance of being there for them at the moment they call is one of our highest priorities. Having the expertise and focus to address their issues within minutes, is what adds value to our partnership.

Each encounter is approached with dignity, respect, professionalism, and patience and we understand that a clinician’s highest priority is the patient they are caring for. We strive to minimize the time spent by the clinicians when contacting support services and recognize the importance of returning their technology centered solutions to full operation.

EVTF’s business model creates a minimal-overhead support center which allows us to pass those savings on to our customers.  Through economies of scale, job sharing, and proprietary decision support solutions, we deliver highly dependable services at a cost well below market price as well as any successful in-house model that some healthcare organizations are funding today.





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