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If you are a Data Replication / Disaster Recovery customer of J-Site, M-Site, Castle-OSDR Central, Tri-Delta, Park Place, Engage, or  (fill in the blank) – you’ll want to read this.

D.R. services & plans must be tested annually at minimum.  If you have not tested your data restoration and functionality with your D.R. service provider within the past 12 months your Meaningful Use reimbursement is at risk.

The top three reasons why most sites do not test are:
        “Not enough staff time”
               “Didn’t think it was a priority “
                    “Didn’t know I had to actually test it”

With over two decades and hundreds of successful restores under our belts, we can help you with your D.R. Test & Validation with minimal interaction on your behalf.  We work directly with your D.R. vendor and Meditech to restore from your backups, bring the systems up, and thoroughly test functionality from Pre-Reg to Results to Med-Rec to Billing/Abstracting.  Everything in between; the list is too long for this; but if you are interested in seeing an example of our test results, please let us know.

We have the expertise to run a full systems test and provide you with a risk assessment and final report for your audits.  Utilizing our DR Test & Validation services will raise your Risk Assessment/Audit Maturity Scores and check off another one of those boxes required to attest for Meaningful Use.  Many sites opt for the additional level of proven business continuity and utilize one of our Affordable Mobile Command Units ( AMCC ) during their test.

Supplement your staff for this engagement and let us handle all the details.  We keep you in the loop and provide you with the final report that can be forwarded on to your Security Audit Team (or vendor).  People are raving about our pricing model as well as the level of service we provide.  If you’d prefer, we can lead your staff to perform their own D.R. Test using our proven methodology.  That would address the 4th common response we’ve heard – “Not even sure what to do for a D.R. test.”

Give us a call.  It never hurts to know more and the call won’t cost you anything; but the 15 minutes you give it.

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DR_T_Val  – Disaster Recovery Test and Validation service

Testing and Validating your DR plan is mandatory.  Just like everything else, when do you find the time?  Speaking with the Data Replication and Disaster Recovery providers, the actual participation rate with their customers in annual tests is very low.  When speaking to their clients, we hear the same reason – no one has time and there are other fires to put out before we pull people away to perform this work.

We have decades of experience in successful DR testing, documentation, and Security Audit Reporting.  Partnering with us to perform your testing will guarantee that it is added to your “Done List” and improve your B.C/D.R. Risk Assessment Scores.

We understand the full range of healthcare processes, work-flow, and application functions.  When you partner with EVTF to perform your annual DR testing, it gets done on time, in a comprehensive manner, and the reporting with audit trails are inspection ready for your next risk assessment.

We’ve performed these tests on an annual basis for some very demanding customers and improve our processes with each passing inspection.  Your LAB department’s CAP inspection, the JCAHO, KPMG Financial Audits, State Inspections / DOH, etc…  We’ve helped our customers breath a lot easier with our consistent ability to provide them with the evidence required to not only pass an inspection; but to set high standards of performance with our time proven processes & documentation.




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Disaster Recovery Test and Validation

Disaster Recovery Testing and Validation

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