Active Systems Monitoring and Maintenance

With EVTF’s Active Systems Monitoring & Maintenance service, your Clinical and IT teams are able to maximize their efforts on the more challenging initiatives and priorities.  With over 65 touch points for an avg. hospital, we are able to discover locks, crashes, back-logs, stalled jobs & interfaces, communication issues, and nearly every other data mishap that is common in all EMR systems.  We catch these system issues before they impact patient care as well as those which feed financial processes.  The bottom line is that our ASMM service reduces:  support issues, delays in patient care, and reimbursement problems by ensuring the right data is moving and updating integrated and interfaced systems.  See our ROI modesl for details.

Most of today’s systems glitches are avoidable through proper monitoring and maintenance; but some organizations just don’t have the budget or make it a priority.  That is where we come into focus.  Our mission is to provide affordable I.T. support to clinicians seeking immediate, knowledgeable, real-time assistance with their technology needs.

Affordable means just that. It’s time to stop paying five times as much for half of the service & value.  Some pay even more for that.  Until now, there were no other options for you.  So, like many others in our industry, we opted out and just kept doing what we always did, use our daytime support experts as on-call staff during the over-night shifts.  That model is obsolete and not what better organizations call best practice.

Many products sold today provide about 1/3 of the solution.  Having a monitoring tool that “observes” pre-configured settings for specific events is not addressing the full picture.  Those products only alert or notify someone that a condition has been met.   In other words – something failed or exceeded a predefined threshold.  However, at 2AM who is reading their e-mails or text messages that these systems send out.  This falls short in that it notifies you AFTER the event instead of addressing it before it becomes a problem.

The other components to a complete solution are achieved through interpretation of the events that are developing, mitigating them and preventing recurrence . With experienced staff actively monitoring and maintaining your critical systems, you’re able to avoid many of the issues that have traditionally gone unnoticed until a clinician encountered a problem at the patient bed-side.  In 2012 and beyond, that is too late.

Your clinicians and their patients deserve better.  That’s why it is so important to align yourself with a partner who understands the nature of healthcare I.T..  It is much more than keyboards, printers, servers, and programs.  It is instant access to critical patient data, ordering, resulting, documentation, and communication in today’s technology enhanced clinical setting.

This is about more than just outstanding service at the point of contact, it’s about problem avoidance.  It’s about improved patient care and cost avoidance.  In today’s healthcare setting, we augment our skilled clinical teams with some of the best software solutions that are available.  Even with highly rated systems residing on proven platforms, there are glitches.  Glitches mean locked records, blocked access, inability to transfer or discharge, to order or see results, to even access the network.  Lets face it, they happen; but we can greatly reduce their recurrence with proper, live monitoring & support.

When you’re ready to provide your overnight clinicians with the right level of support they deserve in today’s environment, give your own I.T. Staff the opportunity for rest they need, or stop paying for the overhead and sales force at Brand-X Service Co., give us a call.  We’re always here and always happy to help.  This is what we do and you’ll discover that you can count on us to help you deliver excellence in patient care.


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