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With the advent of Advanced Clinical Applications, its more important than ever to have knowledgeable support staff awake & available during the off hours to handle any issues that prevent your clinicians from delivering optimal patient care through meaningful use of your technologies. Why wait for your on-call staff to wake up and return a frustrated clinician’s call after 30-90 minutes? We answer and help when they call the first time.

We have over 100 years of combined IT and Healthcare experience with one advantage that none of our competition is willing to challenge, we are in this to help improve outcomes in patient care, not some company’s bottom line.  When you put profits above everything else, you lose sight of what is important.  Healthcare is not about profits, it’s about caring for people and making sure those closest to that fight are well supported.

The majority of overnight calls for IT support are for issues that are typically resolved within minutes.  The typical hospital utilizes their daytime IT staff to take call during their time off, including the hours they are asleep.  This results in long delays with the on-call staff returning a support call and that sometimes translates to delays in patient care.  We’d like to help cut that time down to zero by providing you with an awake, experienced, capable, and supportive technician.

Quite often, a hospital will have just one person covering the 3p-11p shift for their IT support needs and when they are fortunate, they even have one FTE for the overnight as well.  When that one resource calls in or needs a night off, the daytime IT staff usually fills in.  That means sacrificing their existing work load to cover the night shift.  We excel at this and can cover during those staff outages as well.

Our commitment to our clients shines through with each interaction.  We never miss an opportunity to help those who are caring for the members of our communities, our families, and on rare occasion, one of us.   EVTF would like the opportunity to partner with you and help keep your clinicians focusing on whats important instead of waiting for a return call when their technology has a hiccup.

So take a few minutes to learn how affordable this solution is and we will demonstrate that we are very familiar with your systems,  your needs, your headaches, and what it takes to keep today’s technology enhanced clinical setting running as needed.


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