Data Security (800-32)


Data Security / Integrity / Availability:   (800-32) Evergreen Valley Technical Facility helps Healthcare organizations meet and exceed HIPAA  data requirements centered around Security, Integrity, and Availability.

Our Active Systems Monitoring & Maintenance (ASMM) service combined with the Overnight Call Center (ONCC) provides the design, workflow, policies & procedures, documentation, evidence, validation, and the audit trails needed during your attestation and other inspections.

Three core areas of concern with protected ePHI:
   Data Security – EVTF provides active off-hours monitoring of systems, alerts, and deviations from best practice regarding security/encryption settings, and intervention based on client rules.
We are able to detect and intercept or simply report anomalies on your behalf as well as page/call your response team in the case of an off-hours event.  Examples include repeated/persistent failed log-in from an account, a device, or a remote connection or encryption being disabled during transmit of data.  The inverse of this is when a clinician cannot access the systems using his/her own account.  That is when other user’s log-ins are sometimes shared, or data printed and left out where others could see it.  In the interest of immediate patient care, clinicians will often do what is necessary to deliver prescribed treatment on time and then follow up with the systems issues when support is available.  However, EVTF is available when the clinician calls and quickly resolves the issue.  Thereby reducing the need for working around best security practices that you have in place.
   Data Integrity – Dedicated connections from your primary clinical applications to your Data Repository and other reporting/analytical tools occasionally have errors.  EVTF not only manages your DBAs (Database Analysis) and compactions; but also your data feeds to other systems.
Automated-algorithm based solutions to helping improve patient outcomes are a natural part of real time data analysis.  This is achieved through reliable connectivity between core systems and the Data Repository, as well as daily reconciliation of records between them.  EVTF monitors these data feeds and responds to variances found during off-hours reconciliation reports and data feed errors.  Without this, you risk walking in any given day and finding out too late that clinicians are using invalid data from reports, work-lists, and priorities for care-givers.  Even Meaningful Use and Quality Measures are at risk, if the daily integrity checks are not in place.
   Data Availability – Two areas of focus contribute to ensuring that the care-givers have immediate access to the data needed to properly diagnose and treat their patients:  Active Systems Monitoring & LIVE Support Call Center.
With Active Systems Monitoring, we are able to manage background jobs, interfaces, services, and processes that typically go un-noticed until there is a problem.  EVTF actively collects timely information several times a night to trend and watch for bottle-necks, clear them as needed, and contact vendors on your behalf to eliminate the cause of those problems.
Another benefit of partnering with EVTF is that you’ll have additional artifacts available for your Incident Reports.  If a Medication is given 15 minutes late because the clinician was dealing with technical glitches, that information is already part of the daily report.  This cuts down on the turn-around time for the investigation and increases the quality & quantity of information provided in the incident reports that are believed to be related to systems issues.
This in turn contributes to improving the Risk profile in that it gives an additional perspective (input) on the incident report to assist with identification of the root cause, frequency and severity, alternatives for addressing the risk, implementation of the solution(s), and monitoring results.
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