PQRS Incentives (Penalties)

Lower your risk of PQRS Penalties

Physician Quality Reporting System

Partner with EVTF.org to ensure your clinicians have immediate access to your EMR during your I.T. Department’s non-business hours.

No organization on the North American continent can provide highly skilled IT resources during the off hours at a rate that even comes close to ours.  EVTF is in the business of actually helping Healthcare organizations.

Healthcare faces enough risks, partnering with a support vendor should not be one of them.  Our solid guarantee: If we do not provide real value with the services we provide to your organization, then you receive a $0 invoice that month.  It’s that simple.

The healthcare organizations that use our services already know they could not provide our level of service spending 2 to 4 times as much in-house.  We are not your typical Healthcare IT Support Solutions vendor.