Client and Professional Testimonials

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Great Lakes region Healthcare System – IT Director

“We would have missed our dead-line with DR Testing if EVTF hadn’t taken care of it for us last year.  They really know what they are doing and helped with our Business Continuity & Maturity Scores.”


Operations Manager at New England area data replication services (BC/DR)

“EVTF’s AMCC (Affordable Mobile Command Center) is just the ticket.  I’m glad someone finally made the investment to compliment our services and help healthcare organizations improve their Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery solutions.  Not to mention improving their audit scores.


Director, Medical Imaging of a NYS Hospital

“…  creative solutions, leadership, professionalism, timely and obvious dedication to our mission, is always counted on to get us to the next level.”


I.T. Manager at North-East Region Hospital

“…glad they are on the other end of the support issues and they make it very easy for us to work with them.”


Clinical Director at Regional Healthcare facility

“The team members at EVTF are top notch.  Prompt, professional, and beyond helpful with their background in healthcare I.T.”


I.T. Director at New England Hospital

“…EVTF is adding real value to the Healthcare setting by taking care of our Clinical I.T. Systems headaches at a fraction of the cost of doing it ourselves.”


Clinical Systems Director, at Northeast Regional Healthcare System

“The prompt and knowledgeable service we’ve received from the EVTF team is exactly what the doctor ordered .  We’re now able to supplement our support efforts with the systems expertise sorely needed in today’s technology-enhanced clinical setting.  Our clinicians have a resource to call on for live support and our day-shift I.T. resources actually rest at night instead of being woken up by random calls for support throughout the night.”


VP, at upstate NY Hospital (regarding one of our team members)

“… has always displayed a true interest and talent for understanding, applying, and communicating systems and information. He was instrumental and highly successful in the development of hundreds of projects and support initiatives throughout his career at Saratoga Hospital. He is a bright and articulate individual, well organized, thoughtful, and knows the importance of working together in a team atmosphere.”


The Knowlton-Group-

“I have had the pleasure of working with EVTF for a few years now. Though my relationship with them was as a consultant, I truly felt like I was a member of the staff. I was always impressed by their ability to manage short-term operational directives while constantly bearing in mind the long-term strategies that they developed – a direct reflection of their program and project management talents. Their vast knowledge of all facets of healthcare and healthcare information systems allowed them to focus on “the big picture” and make great improvements for any organization they were working with. They say, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”; well, it’s nice to say that I was never in the wrong room when EVTF was present.”



Healthcare Hardware Infrastructure –

Senior Account Executive:

“I have worked with this team for almost 20 years. In that time, we have collaborated on several large projects. EVTF is now venturing off to focus on their passion and I know that they will continue to deliver nothing short of excellence.  Sounds like a great idea and they will impact patient care and significantly improve clinicians access to their data…”



“With EVTF monitoring our systems at night, we have the security that we couldn’t afford to provide for ourselves.  It has already paid for itself “ten-fold” by heading off a couple of events that would have resulted in unplanned down time.”

“I’m glad we had EVTF take care of our DR Testing project.  It was as if they were already part of our team and needed no input from us and their documentation is helping us with our system security audits.”




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