WOSB shares “secret recipe” with the big boys and they love it so much – they went ahead and started selling without us.

–          Just because you are paying more, it does not mean you are getting more.  You can and should expect reasonable prices that reflect the challenges we all face in healthcare management today.  Hold your vendors accountable and get them to recognize that as our reimbursements drop, they should follow suite and help us with comparable cost cutting efforts.  Not a reduction in service; but a reduction in their non-value-added costs which are passed on to us.

I’m sure you receive updates from the Meditech-L and the “N.H.” circular; but I wanted to share this with you.

This is great news for our peers in Healthcare.   Competition among vendors is good for the customer.  Without it, we’d all be paying whatever the one-and-only service provider would demand.  While also having to accept whatever level of service they offered.  Or just sit it out and go it alone.

For years, we’ve only known of a couple of options for our supplemental I.T. operations support needs.  From the mid-high cost range of reputable services like Engage (a division of INHS) and from the best value in our industry with exceptional service levels like EVTF.org – Healthcare I.T. Support.  We can now add “N.H.” to our short list of vendors in this category.

*- I’d encourage you to entertain a quote from “N.H.” regarding this service.  They’ve done a good job of filling those higher-visibility, staffing needs for years; but at such an enormous cost, none of us could afford to keep their resources on any longer than budget restrictions permitted.

Sometimes you pay far too much for a product or service that is saturated with overhead instead of only paying for what you need.  However, if you prefer to stick with the old model – business as usual, then by all means, continue paying the highest possible rates for services that could be met & exceeded elsewhere, and well within budget.

While you’re at it, check with Engage (a division of INHS)- they’ve been providing similar services as well as hosting for a very long time –  https://engage.inhs.org/#/

Or, if you are like us and demand more from your service providers to help your dollars go further while simultaneously increasing clinician’s access to immediate I.T. resources, then give the folks at EVTF.org- Healthcare I.T. Support a call.  They’ve been working within the “4 walls” of many healthcare organizations since the early 90’s and know from first-hand experience, where the rubber meets the road.  For them, it’s all about patient care and knowing how the simplest of I.T. issues can impact work-flow and patient outcomes.  In fact, EVTF was gracious enough in early 2016 to share the bullet points you see in “N.H.’s” service announcement below and is happy to see that “N.H.” was listening.

After several discussions with EVTF staff, “N.H.” has finally tossed their hat into the ring with their recent announcement –

“N.H.” Expands Application Support Services

One of the challenges facing some hospitals is the shortage of hiring experienced MEDITECH applications talent. Most hospitals are tasked each year with ever-increasing priorities and demands for services, while being unable to add new positions or find qualified candidates for those positions that are approved.

One approach to consider is to leverage your internal resources for higher value work and consider using an outside firm, such as NHA to cover routine user support needs. NHA is delivering these services to a growing number of hospitals, ranging from limited support for an individual application to full backfill support. We customize a solution for each client’s unique needs and leverage a broad team of application specialists for both MEDITECH and related non-MEDITECH products, allowing your staff to focus on your hospital’s highest priorities.

There are many reasons why an organization may choose to offload application support:

  • Allowing your staff to focus on key initiatives and priorities
  • Peak demand needs, such as upgrades and migrations, that last for a few months
  • During mergers and acquisitions
  • Short-term vacancies for applications specialists (both planned and unplanned)
  • Experienced full-time candidates are difficult to locate
  • Workload cannot be handled by current staff but cannot justify additional in-house FTEs
  • Reduce clinician stress and lack of confidence in technology
  • Increase reimbursement through better EMR utilization



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