Internship Opportunities:

EVTF, LLC partners with higher education facilities to provide both theory and real-life experience opportunities for students focused in either Information Technology Management/Programming or Business Management/Support. Whether a student is pursuing a career in I.T. or Office Management through the use of business software solutions, they will achieve the level of exposure and knowledge in one semester, which many programs take up to a year to accomplish.

Areas of focus for the intern are dependent on their education goals. Some examples of learning and hands on objectives are listed below.

Technical & Business

-General overview of business mission & vision and how technology supports it.

-Org. Chart, roles of each key member, and technologies supported by them.

-Outline of diverse customer base – Housekeepers, to Lab Tech, to Nurses, Pharmacists, Providers, Surgeons, Govt. Agencies, etc.

-Current hardware/network infrastructure over-view.

-Current software tools used in managing support/project needs. (like Solarwinds, Alloy, Spiceworks, etc.)

-Value of document management and retention through discussion and hands on exercises.

-Product & Vendor selection process for operational items / supplies in the office setting.

-Create, Organize, and Manage both customer & vendor databases for tracking services, invoices, revenue, and expenses.

-Purpose of research projects and how to coordinate/lead (organize and communicate them).

-Work-flow analysis and technology solutions to improve efficiency or just add value to existing processes.

-Develop technology solution for end user department, train end users, implement, and document for post-live support – Product Life Cycle.

-PM101 review – Purpose of, principles, and practical application of PM.

-Hardware Procurement process – vetting the vendors, obtaining quotes, selecting the winner, and negotiating best value.

-The value of inventory and support volume documentation regarding business costs and accounting.

-Call Center SLA and how to manage towards delivering on contract and exceeding customer expectations.

-Contract review process and common areas to draw attention to.

-Staff scheduling coordination and communications. Managing via common business apps. Utilization.  (not to be confused with supervisory responsibilities, just documentation & communication skills)

-Regulatory reporting agencies and processes centered on data submissions.

Personal character-

-Accountability  & Integrity                           -Resume building                             -Team-work                                                      -Interview skills                  -Commitment & Dedication                          -Professionalism

Income potential-

-Paid internships for schools which allow them

Base compensation + performance based bonus opportunities (for qualified paid internships)

-Post internship paid project work for those who demonstrate the aptitude and drive

-Solid reference for potential employers










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